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Are You Making Your Prosepcts MAD & CONFUSED?

If the words on your new website are an afterthought, and the last thing you’ll do before it goes live, then you probably are [making your prospects mad and confused that is]. Even worse it could be your existing customers. … Continue reading

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Can’t Sell? You’re Going Down.

Why would anyone give you their money? Myself, and my friend Antonio Falco, would agree that selling is both an art and a science. Therefore, if you can’t get in front of prospects and transfer the enthusiasm you have for … Continue reading


What Are You Going To Say?

HOW TO STAND-OUT IN ANY CROWDED MARKETPLACE [THE USP] Marketing your business is about standing out and not blending in. The number one priority for all business owners should be to break out of obscurity. If no one knows you … Continue reading

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2 Small Words That Will Dramatically Improve Your Marketing Forever

Whilst just reading an article…. about creating a USP [this is my area if you don’t know me] and the author said to start with the words, “We help…” Whilst the majority of business owners would do very well to … Continue reading

How to Find Out if Your Content is Being

How to Find Out if Your Content is Being Stolen & Duplicated?

If you spend time and effort writing and creating content you’ll want to know if anyone, or anything, is swiping it from your website [or blog] and posting it as their own. You can easily find out with this smart … Continue reading

How Can a Tweet-Up Help Your Business-

How Can a Tweet-Up Help Your Business?

A what??? A Tweet-Up. WHAT IS IT? A Tweet-Up is an online meeting; a gathering on Twitter of people who have a common interest. It could be local businesses/residents or an industry type. Attendees use either the host’s Twitter page … Continue reading



DON’T JUMP INTO BED WITH NEW PROSPECTS UNLESS YOU REALLY MEAN IT I have always said that the words you choose to describe your business is the most important business decision you’ll ever make. Well, how about the quality of … Continue reading

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THE THOUGHT OF YOUR NEXT SALE SHOULD ALWAYS BE ON YOUR MIND, SO WHERE IS THAT SALE COMING FROM? Answer: the place you’re most likely to find your next sale is your existing customers. Forget chasing new ones for a … Continue reading

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Revolutionise – That’s All You Need To Do

Innovation and marketing is what I’m suggesting you spend 90% your time on. If all you did was innovate like a madman [or madwoman] and then market your innovations like there was no tomorrow, all other commercial considerations would take … Continue reading


Back to work attitude

Anyone who isn’t looking forward to getting back to work doesn’t know where they are going. Anyone who complains that the holidays are over should look for a new career. Unsurprisingly, I’m looking forward to 2015 like no other year. … Continue reading

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3 Emphatic Reasons to Switch How You Describe Yourself & Your Business in 2015

To carry on talking about yourself in the same way and expecting different results is a sign of…..well you know what it is a sign of Every business conversation is a sales event…if you let it be. So why ‘wing … Continue reading


Marketing Will Find a Way

IF, you have created your USP first that is! Once you have taken the time to nail down exactly what it is you wish to be: known for how you want to be remembered how people will talk about you … Continue reading

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17 Things Your Buyers are Really Thinking

  You often hear selling referred to as a science. I’d have to agree Well actually my friend, and top sales trainer, Antonio Falco says it. Most buyers buy because they want to enjoy the buying experience and feel good … Continue reading

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USP Workshop – Lymington 11th November 2014

A DAY TO MAKE YOUR CLIENTS AN OFFER THEY CAN’T REFUSE Thank you to all attendees who came to the event ‘MAKE YOUR CLIENTS AN OFFER THEY CAN’T REFUSE HELD at The Stanwell House Hotel in Lymington High Street. The … Continue reading

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65 Reasons Why Your Business Conclusively Needs a USP

’65 Reasons Why Your Business Conclusively Needs a USP’ is a list I’ve compiled through the sheer need to get these highly valuable business assertions off my chest. If you don’t know me, my business is called myUSP and, as … Continue reading

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Business Jargon that Makes You Sound Like a Dickhead

There’s English, and then there’s business English—that jumble of jargon and overly complicated words that serve no purpose other than to confuse your corporate minions and annoy the hell out of the rest of us. Maybe these words are only … Continue reading


Stimulating or Orthodox… Which are You?

Being the same as your rivals is the best way to be invisible. Surely it’s more advantageous to be seen as invaluable? What are they doing and how do they act? Can you do the opposite [within reason]? The ideal … Continue reading

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Some USPs are Unspoken

This is a tale of true loyalty. Not of a dog that came home 4 years after being lost on a walk on Hampstead Heath, but of a friend called Fergus McLelland. He just called me because he had a … Continue reading


How to Improve Any World Economy – Guaranteed

The Unbelievable Truth You may already know that 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact between two people. If you didn’t know that I hope you’re shocked, because the next statistic will jolt you even more; … Continue reading

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Article – 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an ‘Utterly Seductive Proposal’

There are three reasons why your business needs an ‘Utterly Seductive Proposal’: 1. To make your business stand out and be remembered 2. To make your clients an offer they can’t refuse 3. To get people talking about you 1. … Continue reading


Video – Tim Coe with David White at GKIC London

A brief video interview about Tim’s small business book ‘your UTTERLY SEDUCTIVE PROPOSAL’. David and I meet once a month [in London], with other like-minded small businesses owners, who all share an enthusiasm for fast-acting, smart concept marketing. You too … Continue reading


Shock Sales Tactics & Follow-Up Ideas

I just passed a man selling the Big Issue magazine outside my local Tesco here in Lymington. “So what Tim,” you might ask? Well, the guy was talking loudly on a phone, hands free, so he attracted attention whether you … Continue reading

Business lessons from a drug dealer - web small

Business lessons from a drug dealer

It’s 99.7% pure and it’s blue Walter White and Jessie Pinkman may not be names you recognise. If they are you’ll have watched the TV series ‘Breaking Bad’. Although the hit sensation has never been shown here in the UK, … Continue reading

Referral Requests Resized

Requesting Referrals – 4 Things You Should NEVER Do

A client referral system is a subject large enough for its own book. In this article I aim to adapt your thinking to merely consider what makes an effective referral system and usefully scrape the surface of what is involved. … Continue reading

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4 Business Dissecting Questions Every USP Should Aim to Answer

Your USP [Utterly Seductive Proposal] has several jobs to do on your behalf. If you are going to the trouble of constructing one, let’s make it work as hard as possible for you. There are 4 vital questions all USPs … Continue reading

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Why You Need & How to Create Your Own USP

THE JAMES HUNT FACTOR In the same way that you could argue confidence is the common denominator to success, then a USP is the common denominator for all your company marketing. 1974 Formula 1 World Champion James Hunt was not … Continue reading

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8 Phenomenal Questions to Ask Your Existing Customers

You have probably heard the Henry Ford statement where he says something along the lines of him knowing 50% of his advertising is effective. The only problem was that he didn’t know which 50%. If he did he did he … Continue reading

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The 13 Deadly Sins of ‘Counter Marketing’

IS ‘COUNTER MARKETING’ AFFECTING YOU? Some say ‘all publicity is good publicity’ which leads me conveniently to asking this question: “Is every single piece of your marketing, regardless of what is says, beneficial to your business?” I have to say, … Continue reading


Traditional Marketing is Dead

Traditional marketing simply does not work anymore. I really believe that. Let’s examine the realities we have to endure every single day. When was the last time you responded to a TV advert by going out and spending money with … Continue reading

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The 7-Week Deadline

>This morning I was driving down the M3 approaching Winchester Services. The autumn leaves were flying through the air and falling like snowflakes, but large brown snowflakes. It made me think that the summer is over and we’re about to … Continue reading

9 Reasons Why You Must Raise Your web small

9 Reasons Why You MUST Raise Your Prices

“Are you serious Tim? It’s hard enough obtaining new clients at my existing prices without giving them another excuse to shop elsewhere.” Deadly serious! Although I might only say to one easily offended, ‘9 Reasons Why You Must CONSIDER Raising … Continue reading

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The Most Important Business Decision You’ll Ever Make

What could be the most important business decision you’ll ever make? Your location, prices, the right funding, your staff, what you say when you answer the phone, your website or your even contacts? None of them in my opinion. DEAD … Continue reading

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Unique Selling Points are…… POINTLESS!

A ‘unique selling point’ or ‘unique selling proposal’ they’ll all tell you is what you create to be in a position to sell effectively . But why is it so self centred on the seller? Surely the whole point is … Continue reading


“I Ain’t Calling No Girl Or Woman Sugarpova!”

That headline is the yardstick of USA TV presenters my friends. Hear her first sentence here with the “aint” word – [I couldn’t believe that when I heard it and doesn’t appear to be a guest on the show at … Continue reading


What is your Unique Selling Proposition [USP]?

Everything is unique these days. Everywhere you look businesses are attempting to communicate their uniqueness when what most of them actually mean is that they are more unique than their competitors, which is not uniqueness – it’s just having an … Continue reading


How To Stand Out And Become The Market Leader

What’s Your USP? You do have one, right? You’re not running your business thinking your clients come to you just because it’s YOU are you? And is that a Unique Selling Point or a Unique Selling Proposition? Maybe even your … Continue reading


Don’t Blame PowerPoint

Do we live life in bullet points? Hardly, so why do we insist on bombarding the viewers of our PowerPoint presentations with so many of them? POWERPOINT THAT INDUCES SLEEP If you’re as ‘lucky’ as me and sat through 8 … Continue reading