Stimulating or Orthodox… Which are You?

Stimulating or Orthodox… Which are You?

STIMULATING OR ORTHODOX....png WEB SMALLBeing the same as your rivals is the best way to be invisible. Surely it’s more advantageous to be seen as invaluable?

What are they doing and how do they act? Can you do the opposite [within reason]? The ideal is to make yourself incomparable and therefore you’ll be consequently incomparable on price too.

Here are 5 quick fixes you can make immediately, or at least get started on in the case of bullet no.1. It’s only worth you doing this if you wish to make the most out of how others see you, think about you, remember you and talk about you:

  1. Make a new homepage video for your website, but one that makes an impact. If you haven’t got one you must have considered it? It doesn’t cost thousands and can be done very well for under £500. Here’s one I made on Friday 15th August 2014.
  2. Redesign your business cards or go further and give out postcards or flyers when you meet people instead. Make them something one would want to keep on one’s desk.
  3. Revise your social media headings, images and descriptions so they make a lasting impression. Don’t talk about what you do, instead talk about how you’ll change people’s lives for the better and use images that inspire or help convey your problem solving abilities.
  4. Go the local card shop and buy 3 bright, vibrant and likeable greetings cards and send them to 3 contacts you want to reconnect with or clients you wish to revive your relationship with. ‘We miss you’ cards are ideal for that…if they exist. You’re better off printing your own, and they’re cheaper. I know of a printer who does 100 x 425 micron full colour both sides A5 greetings cards with your design for 75p each. I’m ordering mine as soon as the design’s complete. You should send cards or postcards every day, only a few but make it part of your marketing plan. Who do you buy from that sends you cards? It’s so easy to stand out.
  5. And finally, design a new response for when you get asked what you do? Your ‘profession’ is not the answer. Do people NOT buy hardware shop owners, or even drills? No, they buy holes in walls or a hung paintings. I have a few formulas for the old ‘lift speech’ so just email me for them on or call me on 01590 672 282 or 07967 565 070. One of the best I heard recently was an accountant who described himself as a ‘Part-time on-demand financial director for your business’. Isn’t that what you want, and not an actual accountant?

Please let me know how you get on or if you have any better ideas. I’d love to hear them.

Warmest regards

Tim Coe

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