3 Emphatic Reasons to Switch How You Describe Yourself & Your Business in 2015

3 Emphatic Reasons to Switch How You Describe Yourself & Your Business in 2015

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To carry on talking about yourself in the same way and expecting different results is a sign of…..well you know what it is a sign of

Every business conversation is a sales event…if you let it be. So why ‘wing it’ with whatever comes into your head?

Opportunities to make lasting impressions don’t show themselves every 5-minutes. What sort of impression did you last make when asked the all too common question, “What do you do?”

You might have given your job title or even your profession. What image does that put into the listener’s mind and how does it help them or you when we’re talking about creating opportunities?

“I sincerely believe that the most important business decision you’re ever likely to make
is how you choose to describe you and your company.”

Be known for one single thing

But more to the point, how you describe the differences your products or services make to people who buy them. That’s what it’s all about, after all.

What we’re talking about here is single core message you can become known for. Something that can be central to all your marketing. An ‘anthem’ others can easily remember and are happy to talk about.

What can you create that goes towards being a well thought through statement that creates excitement, intrigue and demands an immediate follow-up from the questioner?

Here are 3 reasons just to do that:

  1. Often you don’t know who you’re talking to, and arguably of greater importance, you NEVER know who they know. By optimising every single conversation you’re maximising your opportunities for new business in the moment.
  2. Not only will you be conveying real value, you’ll probably knock the person you’re talking to off their balance and get yourself remembered. 99% of people in business have a predictable one of two words answer when asked what they do. I know, I’ve met thousands over the years at many networking events and in normal life.
  3. When you meet someone who actually has a proper intended and rehearsed retort it really is a pleasant surprise. One immediately knows you’re dealing with a professional, someone who takes their business seriously.

How to switch and describe yourself in 2015

Surely, your no.1 role as a business owner is to get attention for your business? Saying, “I’m an accountant,” fails miserably. Instead, how about this… “I act as a part-time Financial Director for my clients and am there when all key decisions are made.”

Example 2: Video production company – “I work with small business who have a real enthusiasm for conveying their stories through video.”

Example 3: Florist – “I ensure my all client’s celebrations, and sometimes funerals, are boosted by the freshest and most colourful floral displays in Hampshire.”

Example 4: Website designer – “I hand code tailor made websites for small businesses with big ambitions.”

These aren’t USP’s by the way, but are a great response. The USP goes deeper and has something that no one else can say, ideally. For details on the USP concept click here.

Next time somebody asks you what you do, which could be today or tomorrow, what are you going to say? If you let a potential sales event pass you by, it’s your loss.

Thanks for reading.

Tim Coe

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