What Are You Going To Say?

What Are You Going To Say?

Marketing your business is about standing out and not blending in. The number one priority for all business owners should be to break out of obscurity. If no one knows you exist how can they ever buy from you?

You need to put as much distance between yourself and your competition as you can. They way to do this is by working on your USP.

Traditionally known as a Unique Selling Point/Proposition I decided an update was required. Would you rather by from a company who ram a Unique Selling Point down your throat, or entice your with their UTTERLY SEDUCTIVE PROPOSAL?

In June 2013 the Utterly Seductive Proposal was born. In March 2014 my book ‘Your Utterly Seductive Proposal‘ was published.

importance of a USP to any business cannot be stressed enough. If you don’t believe me [and why should you?] just try making a few marketing tools without having a USP. Start with a simple business card, a social media post, try a leaflet, write an article, plan out a video or go for broke with a website. Take your pick. Exactly WHAT are you going to say?

The words you use could be the important business decision you ever make. They dictate what others think and what they do i.e. if they buy from you.

“A USP is central to your marketing and fundamental to your sales.”

Article Template 448 x 336 (1)HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN USP
1. Identify Who is Your Ideal Target Client [ITC]?
Unless you know who what you’re aiming at how will you hit it? If you don’t know who you’re trying to attract you can’t possibly know if the marketing messages you’re creating are likely to resonate with your ITC.

How to spot your ITC:
Your ITC will value your products and services, will not be overly concerned with price and will refer you to others. If you already have clients who are your top 3. Imagine 100 of them; how would your business look then?

2. Dig Deep and Answer These Questions
• What are the top 3-5 benefits of your product
• What is it I can only get from you and no one else?
• What journey can you take me on that no one else can?
• Why should I look forward to doing business with you over anyone else?

The answers will give you your own exceptional qualities. Think about these areas:

1. Innovation
2. A pioneering method, process or system
3. Guarantees
4. Individuality
5. Speed
6. Technical superiority
7. Zero risk
8. A promise
9. Exclusivity
10. If all else fails think of a gimmick that you can easily be remembered by [E.G. callnorman.co.uk]

3. Bring it all Together
The aim to create a 15-20 word phrase that powerfully conveys why your ITC should do business with you over anyone else. It’s not easy. Work at it. When you have rubber stamp it across every marketing tool you have and become known for it. Make it your anthem.

This is where you need to be aiming to make your business’s products and services the topics of conversations at cocktail parties and business networking events.

If you want any honest feedback on your own Utterly Seductive Proposals simply email them to me asking for my thoughts. I always reply. tim@myusp.biz

Good luck.

Tim Coe [USP Marketing Consultant]

P.S. My full ‘5-Step USP Process‘ is in my book and available for only £12.97 + P&P right here. If you don’t like it, just let me know through tim@myusp.biz and I’ll send you £20.

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