Are You Making Your Prosepcts MAD & CONFUSED?

Are You Making Your Prosepcts MAD & CONFUSED?

Copy of Untitled design (1)If the words on your new website are an afterthought, and the last thing you’ll do before it goes live, then you probably are [making your prospects mad and confused that is]. Even worse it could be your existing customers.

Drivel, waffle and general rambling because you think you need lots of content to fill your new site. Truth is, who’s got time to read very much these days?

I’ve been an advocate of homepage videos for years until the past couple of weeks when a feeling of how long they take to watch has crept in. 60 seconds can be too long when you’re feeling rushed…and that’s if the video producer has been kind to you.

Talking about yourself on your website.

What possible help does this give to your prospects when the only reason they are on your website in the first place is to find a solution to a problem they have in their lives right now.

Maybe you have the solution, maybe you don’t, but unless you make it clear, extremely quickly, what problem you’re an authority in solving blood pressures will rise, frustration will increase and your once potential new client has gone to your competitors.

Maybe your rivals have a far more considerate view of the their buyers? Maybe they make it easy for their website visitors to understand their company’s products and skills in 5-10 seconds, saving everyone time? I mean your time too. Who wants timewasters?

In my opinion, boasting about how long you’ve been in business, that you provide excellent customer service and that you’re no.1 in your town in your sector are worse than weak and lame…they’re pathetic things to tell prospects. How does that help them when they either have a mini-crisis to solve or are avoiding a future one?

Talk about:

  • problem solving
  • how the outcome you create will change their worlds
  • and make it all about the end result you deliver.

Oh, and throw in a guarantee for good measure, you don’t want anyone thinking they’re taking a risk buying from you do you?

October 21 CoverTHE BEST TYPE OF USP
With an Utterly Seductive Proposal central to all your marketing, you leave it abundantly clear to a 12-year old child if you’re what they’re looking for, or not. Either way, you leave a lasting impression, and being remembered is vital to future business of course.

Now you might be thinking a USP is a unique selling point or proposition. Well, it was, in my world anyway. That was until March 2014 when my book was published, ‘Your Utterly Seductive Proposal‘. Designed to take the old USP and give it modern twist whilst underlining its critical importance to any small business.

But who wants a ‘selling point’ rammed down their throats anyway? And a ‘proposition’ sounds like you have to answer quickly creating unwanted pressure. An Utterly Seductive Proposal on the other hand….now doesn’t that sound like a great way to buy?

If you’re reading this and want to create your own marketing headlines to engage your ideal target clients and enrage your competitors, simply email me on or contact me through any of the below social media channels. I’ll send you my one-of-a-kind method without any sales crap or passing your details to anyone else who may try to sell you crap. I promise.

Thanks for reading and if you like this please share it on social media or email the page link to a business colleague or friend who is struggling to be understood by their intended audience.

Great, thank you!

Tim Coe

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